Adventure into your full natural health potential

Academy Of Quantum Transformation  

6 certificate courses = 1 diploma Take 1 course or all 6 up to you! All of them are totally unique and full of amazing information and tools to help you run a successful Natural Health business.

Fast Track 2 Health

Detox and discover your full potential.

Enlightened Hormones

With Enlightened Hormones, we take you deeper into uncovering your full natural health potential. We will show you how your hormones become unbalanced and tailor a program to suit your needs. This is a journey into natural health self healing that will uncover and unblock so that your health and well-being will be transformed.

Magical Magnesium

Natural Health and Energy Medicine

Over the last 2 years, we have made these natural health courses available via our Quantum Essence Practitioner course.  Fast Track 2 Health mentor course , and our Meridian essences courses During the training, the groups go through the essences, Fast Track and the meridians on a week by week basis so that they can find out what it feels like to experience the process so that they fully understand what the products/programs can do for them and the others who are on the courses. By doing this the old layers that aren’t serving are removed and after a period of time, we are transformed.  These staggered courses allow our true nature to come shining through and makes us like beacons of light who attract wonderful experiences and people. We feel renewed, reborn and more alive than ever before.

Because of these wonderful courses and products, the Academy of Quantum Transformation has come to form
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Would you like to take the journey of discovery to a new self? A new you!

The Quantum Essences’ programme can provide the path and you too will experience the world of Quantum whilst being supported on your journey by our practitioners and others who will be joining you. If you choose the full set of essences then you will also be invited to join in on the Self Discovery Course.

If the courses don’t sing out to you that’s OK! Why don’t you try them out by purchasing individual essences? You will find a range of essences that enhance health, fight signs of stress and ageing and help you feel alive, in our Shop.

However, you choose to experience these magnificent essences we know you will be amazed at the results.