About Quantum Essences’ Founder – Karen Creighton

Hi, my name is Karen Creighton, Thanks so much for visiting this site, this is a little bit about my journey!

For most of my life,  have been living two lives. One that has enabled me to function in the material world. Where in fact I was almost considered normal, and the other my true world.  Working in Natural Health Training.

I say that I was almost normal but as I am dyslexic. Because of this,  have never quite fitted into the fully normal mould.  In one world, one that I have been very fortunate working for over 30 years.  Working in my area of passion – Natural health training, practising and teaching – Natural Nutrition, Medical Herbalism, Iridology,
Bio-energy Medicine, Reflexology, Colourpuncture, Colonic Irrigation. Plus many other forms of healing modalities. I have been gifted with an ability to create programs and products. Which is why the Academy Of Quantum Transformation, Quantum Essences, Fast Track 2 Health (plus quite a few others) came into being!

Held back by fear!

The, my,  true world is one that I have kept hidden for fear of ridicule and professional suicide, until the last year.
I have no doubt that if It had been revealed in the normal world before now, I would have been perceived as wacky, weird or worse!.  My alter ego takes me into the realm of mystery and magic. Where I talk to the trees, plants, rocks and my guides (voices in my head).  They help me, guiding me along this path. In fact, now as I look back they have been there. Making sure that I followed this wonderful profession all along. It is because of this special guidance I am able to create amazingly powerful products and programmes. All of which help ease people along their path.

This double life has merged now.  In the last 2 years  – because of work that I have been doing on myself and with the help of others. As myself, Karen Creighton, I now feel free to be fully who I am. No longer hiding a part of me. Feeling that I can fully share, (with those who are ready) all of my gifts.  Since doing this I know that the work that I do and the products I create are even better than before.

NOW, everything has shifted

Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working with and training practitioners –  In the Fast Track 2 Health programme, the Quantum Essences’ range.  Plus the Meridian Essences.
It is this work, with the programmes and essences plus sharing with others that has helped me drop the barriers.
This, in turn, allows me to access freedom and abundance of health. But even more exciting I have seen my students transform before my eyes. This is when I knew that I just had to put my energy into teaching.

After all, if you are not showing up as who you truly are it prevents the flow within your body. This, in turn, can create blocks, that can lead to ill health.
If you are not following and using your gifts then you are stopping the flow! Stopping you achieving your best life.

The Quantum Essences were created about 8 years ago. When I saw the need of clients who were using my Fast Track 2 Health programme (which is a physical rebalancing/detox programme) That need was emotional/spiritual support. Very Quickly the first 21 essences were created. In each of the essences, there are between 10 and 55 different remedies that make these essences powerfully effective.

We now have another four formulas that have been added over the last year, plus I have changed the originals over the years too, adding extra support as I feel guided.

A more accepting world

Now that our world is changing, evolving into a more accepting world. Accepting that there is more to this world than what we can see.  We can now start showing the world the true POWER of nature in the form of energy medicine, Something that those of us who have been working in the field of Energy have known for a very long time. This really is the “Medicine of the future” and the Future is NOW!

We offer support and knowledge to clients and practitioners/students so that everyone’s journey is easier and a lot more fun and desirable

Going forward, I am always creating and finding ways to help others on this journey of life. It is my passion and I just love when a client or practitioner calls me to tell me what is changing for them. I feel totally blessed to now be walking my truth, living a life of honesty and passion. Nothing is better than that!!

I look forward to talking with you. Join us today!  Connect here