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Karen Creighton

Karen Creighton here, I am passionate about helping YOU achieve your health and wellbeing goals, if it is weight loss, hormone balancing then I am the person to help you. I am very goal orientated and if you become a client then I will do all I can to help guide you in the right direction.

Thanks so much for visiting this site, this is a little bit about my journey!

I feel very blessed to be working in one of my passions.  – Natural health training, lecturing, practising and teaching – I have been doing this for over 33 years and loving every minute!

The Modalities I have studied over the years – Karen Creighton

Natural Nutrition, Medical Herbalism, Iridology, Bio-energy Medicine, Reflexology, Colourpuncture, Colonic Irrigation. Plus many other forms of healing modalities. I have been gifted with an ability to create programs and products. Which is why “The Academy Of Quantum Transformation”, Quantum Essences,  Fast Track 2 Health (plus quite a few others) came into being!
A Program that I released about a year ago now. Which is called Enlightened Hormones. Has been very successful and enlightening in so many ways.

Newest Program – Kick Start

The Newest program is Kick Start. It is a weight loss program that literally starts the weight loss quickly and easily. If you have struggled with your weight?  Want to trial what we do?  Then this is the entry level.
I decided to release this program as I know that many need our help and would love to do our programs.
But it takes a leap of faith to jump on board one of my long programmes without being assured that our products work!

I have worked with 1000’s of wonderful clients and they all lose weight! As long as they follow the instructions, to the letter!

Our products are all made in New Zealand, created and formulated by myself. However, it is the feedback and wisdom of my wonderful clients that have helped create and mould them all. Into the most effective that they can be.

At the moment I have a shop in Paihia. Called ” Vitality” in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Where you can come in have a cup of delicious tea. Plus have a consultation with myself. Or one or more of the wonderful team of practitioners whom I have the joy of working with
Here is the Facebook Page for Vitality so you can have a look Here is my facebook page, Karen Creighton 

Vitality shop – visit Karen Creighton

I look forward to talking with you. Join us today!  Connect here