Our new Natural Health training course(s)
Academy of Quantum Essences is here.

With our Natural Health Training course, This is a journey into totally new products and tools to help Practitioners/ Mentors/ Councillors alike support their clients and give added value.
This is a distance learning program that includes many Essences and other products that you can use. You can make remedies for your clients and even create products with them. Simple Effective and totally unique.
We know you will love these courses and whether you choose just one to start or decide to complete the whole Diploma course you will never be the same again

Combine these courses in one fantastic Diploma programme and save!

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Fast Track 2 Health –  12-week course

This course will take you through the Fast Track 2 Health program – including the products for yourself and one other.This is so that you can experience this program plus take another through the process so that you can mentor them. If you have others that would like to join this process then you are eligible to purchase any extra packages and products at wholesale prices.
You will be taken through the hormonal system and you will find out why this program works so well for everyone who stays on track, no matter what they are struggling with their physical body. We will also supply you with the information so that you can inform your clients at any level they want to know.

Course cost – Individual $1500  Invest Here 

Business Matters – 12-week course


With this module, we have experts in the field one who has started a very successful clinic and who will take you through the basics. How to set up a successful clinic/business either from the start or how you can improve your current business model. We have an expert in how to market your health business. You will be taken through a step by step process so that you can get started with these programmes on the right foot.  After all we need to get ourselves out there as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy this process whilst earning an even better living.
Plus, as added bonuses, we have an accountant giving her time to help you get this area sorted. If you are already in business this will still be very valuable as I am sure there will be some tips and ideas that you haven’t as yet investigated.

Course cost – Individual $1100 Invest Here

Vibrational Velocity – 12 weeks course 


Quantum Essences Practitioner course – 26-week course 


Meridian Essences  – 14-week course 


The Basics of Natural Nutrition – 12-week course 

Each of these Natural Health Training courses is a certification course

The collective cost of the 6 Diploma courses if you purchased them individually is $10,500


For Foundation members, here are some of the bonuses –

Join us for workshops and expos, plus if you are wanting to really grow your business Karen will support you by joining you at shows, workshops etc. whenever she can. We know this won’t be possible beyond the initial start of this to take advantage of the offer whilst you can.

We will provide you with leaflets with your name and address on – all you need to do is pay the printing fee (we can print for you) and we can assist you with organising your online marketing.

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