Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid.made from flora and fauna Fulvic Acid - I am so excited about this NZ Product On Monday I started looking into the benefits of electrolytes, which then took me on another tangent-  I just love the avenues I get taken down. As you probably know, electrolytes are hugely beneficial. They help [...]

Why is Losing Weight so hard to do?

Why is Losing Weight so hard to do? Kick start your weight loss Have you been one of these people? Find it so hard to lose weight even though you try so hard? After all, everyone knows that you just have to eat less, exercise more and Losing Weight is easy! Right? Wrong! Do [...]

Sugar Addict, Sugar is addictive. – Are you a Sugar Addict?

Sugar is addictive. – Are you a sugar Addict?The more you eat sugar, the more you’ll want it. When you do this you are feeding that addiction.In my last blog I was talking about sugar being a Killer - so I thought I would go into the addictive nature of sugarThis is what happens when you eat any form [...]