Are your blood sugars the root cause?

Are your Blood sugar levels in balance? If they are you will feel great if not..... Are your Blood sugar levels the root of your problem! Blood Sugars,  are yours in balance or do you struggle? If you are like so many of us an have been looking for the cause of your [...]

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid.made from flora and fauna Fulvic Acid - I am so excited about this NZ Product On Monday I started looking into the benefits of electrolytes, which then took me on another tangent-  I just love the avenues I get taken down. As you probably know, electrolytes are hugely beneficial. They help [...]

Why is Losing Weight so hard to do?

Why is Losing Weight so hard to do? Kick start your weight loss Have you been one of these people? Find it so hard to lose weight even though you try so hard? After all, everyone knows that you just have to eat less, exercise more and Losing Weight is easy! Right? Wrong! Do [...]

Could Dominant Estrogen be the root of your problems (yes it does affect men!)

Could Dominant Estrogen be the root of your problems? (yes it does affect men!) Enlightened Hormones could be for you if you are ready to commit to your own health and vitality. Dominant Estrogen could be a thing of the past. Dominant Estrogen Symptoms I am sure you have heard of Estrogen Dominance [...]

Rhodiola, an amazing tool for a stressed out world

Rhodiola, literally magic in a bottle! The herbal remedy, Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen known to enhance vitality by helping your body adapt to physical, chemical and environmental stress. In other words, it helps your body maintain balance. This wonderful plant has a long history of use in traditional folk medicine in Russia and Scandinavian [...]