Magnesium – The Critical Nutrient


Magnesium – The Critical Nutrient

Magnesium – The Critical Nutrient. Are you deficient? Check to see with this simple Questionnaire. Even if you are taking magnesium you might not absorb it

Magnesium Deficiency Questionnaire

Simply circle each “yes” answer on the list below that applies to you. Each is given a numerical value. When you finish, total your score.

With 20-40, you are likely to be low in magnesium.
Over 40 and you most certainly have low magnesium.

Yes Questions

If you aren’t sure – yes or no – then put down .5 and add them up that way

  1. Under excessive emotional stress
  2.  Irritable, or easily provoked to anger
  3.  Restless, or hyperactive
  4. Easily startled by sounds or lights
  5. Difficulty sleeping
  6. Chronic headaches or migraines
  7.  Convulsions
  8.  Fine tremor or shakiness in your hands
  9. Fine, barely noticeable muscle twitching around your eyes, facial muscles or other muscles of our body.
  10.  Muscle cramps
  11.  Muscle spasms in hands or feet
  12.  Gag or choke from spasms in your esophagus (food tube)
  13.  Have asthma or wheezing
  14.  Suffer from emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or shortness of breath
  15. Have osteroporosis
  16.  Have you ever had a kidney stone
  17.  Suffer from chronic kidney disease
  18.  Have diabetes
  19.  Have an overactive thyroid, or parathyroid gland
  20.  Have high blood pressure
  21.  Have very fast heartbeats or irregular heartbeat
  22. Take any kind of diuretic
  23. Recent radiation therapy or exposure
  24. Have more than 7 alcohol drinks weekly
  25. Have you ever had a drinking problem
  26. Have more than 3 servings of caffeine daily
  27. Eat sugar-containing food(s) daily
  28. Crave carbohydrates and or chocolate
  29. Crave salt
  30. Eat a high processed food/junk food diet
  31. Eat a diet low in green, leafy vegetables, seeds and fresh fruit
  32. Have Arthritis2 Eat a low protein diet2 Pass undigested food or fat in your stools
  33. Suffer from chronic intestinal disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome.
  34. Frequent diarrhoea or constipation
  35. Suffer from PMS or menstrual cramps
  36. Pregnant or recently pregnant
  37. In previous pregnancy had high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia
  38. Chronic fatigue
  39. Muscle weakness
  40. Cold hands and or feet
  41. Numbness in face, hands, or feet
  42. Persistent tingling in body
  43. Chronic lack of interest, indifference, or apathy
  44. Poor memory
  45. Loss of concentration
  46. Anxiety
  47. Chronic depression for no apparent reason
  48. Feelings of disorientation as to time or place
  49. Hallucinations
  50. Feel that people are trying to harm or persecute you
  51. Face pale, puffy, or lacking in colour
  52. Been told by your Dr that your blood calcium is low
  53. Been told by your Dr that your blood potassium is low
  54. Take Calcium supplements regularly without Magnesium
  55. Take iron or zinc supplements regularly without Magnesium
  56. Know chronic exposure to fluorides
  57. Frequently use antibiotics, steroids, oral contraceptives, synthetic estrogens.

Total Score_____________

If you are low please go to our magnesium pages as we have some of the best Magnesium Oil on the market. It is applied via the skin. It gets absorbed through the skin straight into the blood stream where it is
then distributed where it is most needed.

Telephone: 021 408 277 (NZ 0064)

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