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Fulvic acid.made from flora and fauna

Fulvic Acid – I am so excited about this NZ Product

On Monday I started looking into the benefits of electrolytes, which then took me on another tangent-  I just love the avenues I get taken down.
As you probably know, electrolytes are hugely beneficial. They help us to keep energized and keep our cells firing.
As you probably know by now I am obsessed by Magnesium. Transdermal (via the skin) of course and trace minerals.
I never thought I would find a product that is as exciting (to me, at any rate) as Boost, Fast Track and my magnesium oils. But I believe I have!!

What is this magical supplement: Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid has a huge amount of benefits – but first what is it?

Basically, without Fulvic acid life on earth would not exist?
Fulvic Acid is extracted from humus. Humus is a thick dark brown or black organic material that forms soil, sediment or the aquatic environment when plant and animals decay. Leaving behind the most basic elements.
This makes the soil more fertile and allows the water and air to move easily through the soil. Which in turn allows oxygen to reach the roots of plants.  Because it enhances the plant life, it also feeds the animals that live on those plants.
The animals also help create Fulvic acid with their waste while they are alive and also when they die they decompose and create more life. And so it goes on!

What does this mean for us?

Many of the chemicals that are present in fulvic acid naturally, are critical nutrients for plants, bacteria, and other organisms that live in soil. Soil containing humus and fulvic acid is better able to retain moisture. They also improve soil structure and enable plants to easily take up and use the vital nutrients they need.

Over thousands of years, the seams of Fulvic acid become more and more concentrated. Which is where Fulvic Acid supplements come from. In a seam deep within the earth. Only found in a few places on this amazing planet of ours.
In effect taking fluvic acid is ingesting the best parts of the soil!
I know this sounds a bit yuk, but the supplement it is really quite nice, tastes similar to Aloe juice. Plus it is a light amber in colour, so nothing like the earth it comes from.
Why is this so exciting for me and you? Well, This is the bit that makes me feel that we are onto something!!

It is exciting. It helps us to create a healthy/healthier body. Because Fulvic Acid helps us to access the nutrients in the foods we eat.  The vitamins, the essential fats and minerals. They, become more readily available for use by our body’s cells. Plus, it helps the uptake of herbal and homoeopathic remedies too. It amplifies everything we eat and drink. Making the nutrition in our food/supplements even more available to us. In an easy and direct route. It also contains over 70 micro and macronutrients. Which makes it a wonderful supplement in its own right.

Helps with Nutrient Absorption

Fulvic acid is critical for nutrient absorption. Because it is highly bioavailable. What being bioavailable means: Is that it easily absorbed into our blood when we consume it. While being absorbed. it also improves the absorption of nutrients via our digestive tract.

In fact, mineral absorption without prior chelation by fulvic acid is only about 10% effective. Fulvic acid also allows minerals to regenerate and interact with one another, enhancing their availability. Chelation is a type of bonding. Of ions and molecules to metal ions.  This is the reason our Boost drops are made with ionic minerals.

Finally, because of its very low molecular weight, fulvic acid is able to pass easily through the protective membranes right into our body’s cells.  Right where we want our nutrition to be. While doing so, it brings in other nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the right quantities. While it does this keeping others out. In fact, it is able to transport over 60 times its own weight in vitamins and minerals into cells!

In other words, fulvic acid increases the overall retention, absorption, and efficient use of nutrients present in both foods and supplements. improving the overall health and functioning of our body.
It does so much more than this too!


The Healing Potential of Fulvic Acid

Along with enhancing nutrient transport, fulvic acid’s fantastic healing potential is also related to its ability to:

  • Dissolve and remove accumulated toxic pollutants from the body – including chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Act as a powerful antioxidant, inactivating harmful free radicals
  • Increase the body’s overall “redox potential”
  • Enhance enzyme activity, including alkaline phosphatases (help to break down proteins), transaminases (needed to make proteins), and invertase – which breaks down sugar into glucose and fructose.
  • Improves Immunity
  • Improves heart health
  • Enhances Hydration
  • Anti-microbial
  • Plus many more ……

Fulvic Acid for detox and energy

For all these reasons more and more people are taking a fulvic acid supplement regularly – both to overcome any nutrient deficiencies, they may have. Or to better maintain their health and wellbeing.

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There is a lot more to be written about this exciting product and I am delighted to have started to use it. I have only taken two doses and can feel it’s effects already! I will keep you posted!
Why am I so excited – this product has the potential to enhance everything we do, including Fast Track, Enlightened Hormones and Kick Start programmes

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