Our Unique Range of Essences helps you to release old Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Blockages so that you can feel totally renewed and revitalized. 

We would love for you to join us on the journey with Quantum Essences!
Quantum Essences are formulas that are made on and of New Zealand – New Zealand Flora and fauna contain a unique vibration that brings a vital and new energy to help us grow and improve. Allowing us to discover our true gifts and genius. 
These are powerful formulas that are designed to help at this time of change and flux. They help support us Emotionally, Physically and spiritually.

Over the last 6 months we have made these Essences available via our Quantum Essence Practitioner course (See our Quantum Essence MasterMInd Practitioner course) During the training the group has been taking an essence every week so that they can find out what it feels like to experience them. We have found that by taking them one at a time we are shedding old layers one at a time. Allowing for our true nature to come shining through. Making us like beacons of light that are attracting wonderful experiences and people. This whole experience has left us feeling renewed, reborn and more alive than ever before.  

If you would prefer to take the journey to discovery of self (new) You too will experience the world of Quantum whilst being supported on your journey by our practitioners and others who will be joining you. If you choose the full set then you too will be invited to join in on the Self Discovery Course. 

If the courses don’t sing out to you then you are welcome to purchase individual essences. 

However you choose to experience/ Use these magnificent Essences you will be amazed.

Expect a Miracle!