Academy of Quantum Transformation

A new Academy training programme for a vastly changing world where we as humans have totally changed frequency and so we need a totally different health model.


Join as a Foundation Member of  “The Academy Of Quantum Transformation ” – we have some very special bonuses for you (see below) 

Have you ever thought that you would like to expand your natural health business but don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle to find clients or have plenty of clients but they are not paying you what you are worth (or even worse they are not paying you at all?

How would it feel to be helping many more whilst enjoying a life where you are reaping the benefits of being paid what you are worth?

We do understand as we have been where you are right now and know what it is like – we know that we are here on this planet right here right now for a reason! To help those in need achieve a better life with more health and energy plus to feel connected while you are running your soul based business

With this in mind, we have come up with a totally unique way of developing your business giving you tools so that you can grow – grow financially, and grow your ability to help those who need YOU right now.

Our program is a totally new way of learning and growing – we believe that it is a new paradigm for a vastly changing world where we as humans have totally changed frequency and so we need a totally different health model

So if you would like to be part of a NEW growing movement towards the HEALTH industry rather than the sickness industry then we must talk.

It is our intention that you are able to grow a business that is sustainable and rewarding and we will do everything we can to support you on this quest. All of your mentors have been working in the various fields of health and developed strong business ethics, structures as well as having learnt by their/our own mistakes and endeavour to help you avoid those that haven’t served us as much as we possibly can.  However, we cannot guarantee results.


The diploma includes

Fast Track 2 Health –  12-week course

This course will take you through the FT2H program – including the products for yourself and one other so that you can experience this program plus take another through the process so that you can mentor them.

Quantum Academy

If you have others that would like to join this process then you are eligible to purchase any extra packages at wholesale prices – see current price list (subject to change) You will be taken through the hormonal system and you will find out why this program works so well for everyone who stays on track, no matter what they are struggling with, in their physical body. We will also supply you with the information so that you can inform your clients at any level they want to know.

Course cost – Individual $1500

Business Matters   – 12 weeks

With this module, we have experts in the field one who has started a very successful clinic and who will take you through the basics of how to set up a successful clinic/business right from the word go. We have an expert in how to market your health business, he will take you through a step by step process so that you can begin on the right foot.  After all we need to get ourselves out there as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy this process whilst earning a living. Plus, as added bonuses, we have an accountant giving her time to help you get this area sorted. If you are already in business this will still be very valuable as I am sure there will be some tips and ideas that you haven’t as yet investigated.

Course cost – Individual $1100

Vibrational Velocity – 12 weeks 

This course is all about our own vibration and how we can use it to increase the attraction of clients, money, peace and joy into our lives so that you can keep healthy and happy along this whole journey. Karyn Janelle Davis is a master of energy and vibration. This part of the diploma is a vital part of this journey.

Course cost – individual $1100

Quantum Essences practitioner course 26-week training 


Within the Quantum Range, there are 25 essences and we encourage you to experience them, 1 essence a week. With this course, you will have access to 4 training videos with 4 different mentors so you can see and feel the way each of us experiences and uses these amazing Essences.
We will provide you with the mother essences – you will know what that means as you start the course. You will need an extra empty bottle (15 or 30ml) with a dropper top. Plus vodka and pure water – don’t worry we will take you through all of this in the introduction video.
As you start using these remedies you will find clients who need them popping out of the woodwork and you are encouraged to start working with them as soon as you get started.


Course cost – Individual $3700

Meridian Essences – 12 weeks

For the last 20 years, I have been using these essences along with other essences and remedies and I know that they are amazingly powerful. In this range, there are 14 Essences but I only allow practitioners to access 12 (the 2 I hold back are so powerful that I seldom use them and I will explain why on the course. As it is numbers 11 and 12 pack a mighty punch for some!
These essences can assist in clearing physical and emotional blocks within the meridians plus they can help balance chakras too, in certain combinations.
You will receive the mothers of the meridian essences and each week I will go through how they can be used plus my experiences with each one.
Again you will need blank bottles of vodka and pure water

Course cost – individual $1800

The Basics of Natural Nutrition – 12 weeks (at least)

The world of nutrition as you know is vast. We will take you through how we can access great nutrition via food, what the optimum supplements are, why less is more, plus much more about this amazing subject. We will also take you through the basics of essential oils and herbal remedies.
We will give you tools and also suppliers of those tools so that you can supply your clients with what they need and tips to how they will get the best results – so that you will get referrals.

Course cost $1500






The collective cost of the Diploma courses if you purchased them individually is $10,500


For Foundation members, here are some of the bonuses –

Join us for workshops and expos, plus if you are wanting to really grow your business Karen will support you by joining you at shows, workshops etc. whenever she can. We know this won’t be possible beyond the initial start of this to take advantage of the offer whilst you can.

We will provide you with leaflets with your name and address on – all you need to do is pay the printing fee (we can print for you).

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