Welcome to Fast Track 2 Health Mentoring program (certificate course)

This program will take you through the hows and whys of Fast Track 2 Health

If you are self-motivated. Want to help yourself and others achieve health goals and improve your life at the same time?
If you have always wanted to work in natural health, but haven’t known where to start?

Then join us on a journey of self-discovery. While doing this you can also start working with clients. So you can earn while you learn.

Nothing is better than this!

We will give you all the information that you need. That will enable you to work with your clients so that they and you get the most out of the whole process.

Each week you will have a video to watch and homework to complete (approximately 3 hours weekly)

With this course, you will receive 2 x Fast Track 2 Health Detox packs (value $800)  so that you can experience first hand the huge benefits that this program has to offer plus we encourage you to mentor at least 1 other client/friend through the process as learning whilst doing is so beneficial.

Once you have completed your course you are able to purchase products from us at wholesale rates so that you can run this as part or as a business – up to you!

The object of the course is to equip you with all the tools so that you can run a successful business with Fast track 2 Health as part of your toolkit
Have a look at our Transformation package 

Plus here is just one of our Hundreds of testimonials 

We will also be there for you to answer any questions you have.
Our Academy is designed to create courses like this one that is user-friendly and full very valuable unique content
Plus this is 1 of the 6 modules that you need to achieve your diploma from the Academy Of Quantum Transformation.


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