Quantum Essences Practitioner course (26 weeks)


Quantum Essences Practitioner course

The object of the course is for you to experience the power of these magnificent Quantum Essences so that you can create essence bottles for your clients so that they achieve better results from your working with them.
This course is also one of the 6 modules that you need to achieve your diploma from the Academy Of Quantum Transformation.

Installment options are available on request


Quantum Essences Practitioner course

These Wonderful Quantum Essences are unique and are practitioner only.

Made in New Zealand with it’s beautiful Flora, Fauna and unique energy. The 25 Quantum Essences are combination essences that quite simply change peoples lives.
When using them you will slough away the layers of negativity to find the purest source of self. Connecting with your higher self so that you can be more effective in your life.

Here is the booklet of  Quantum Essences

The Essences have a vibrancy that is unique. When you join us on this journey you will really connect deeply with them.  So much so that you will wonder how you have managed without them
This course is life changing but it can also help increase your business. If you are a practitioner already you will know how important it is to give extra value to your clients. As well as giving them support on their journey with you. These essences will definitely help give you better results. Bringing your clients back to you, plus getting more referrals.

At the moment the Quantum Essences are in New Zealand, Australia Uk and soon to be in the USA. News about them is spreading fast!!
They are a very new range of products that have wowed the practitioners who have used them.
If you know that you need another tool to help you in your clinic/practice or any arena that helps people with their physical/emotional health. Then These are the ones you need.

ARE YOU Ready? Ready for the Quantum Shift?

If you are interested/ excited /know you need this course – then jump on board, you will LOVE it!

The course consists of 26 weekly modules that will take you through the journey. – All of the modules are recorded so that you can go through them at your leisure.
Plus there is homework for you to complete before you achieve your certification. In total about 2 hours a week
You will also receive 25 Mother essences – these are created especially for you and they take us approximately 1 hour to make each of those 25 Quantum Essences.
As you will learn, no essence is the same and you will love the results you get from them. From your 25 bottles you will be able to create 1000;s of remedies for your clients. This will in turn help improve your profitability. Which is a wonderful bonus!

Just one of 1000’s testimonials

Hi Karen

I just thought I would let you know how things have been for me since you made up a bottle of your Quantum Essence Number 1 (Feminine) From the very first drop, I felt different, very hard to explain, but I felt more in tune with myself. I also started to draw, something I haven’t done for many years. I have found something I love and I seem to be good at. I am also finding myself drawn to pretty things like clothes, Jewellery and I am also looking at changing my hairstyle (not been changed for 20 years). Last week an old friend looked at me and said, “you look and sound different, softer” That is how I feel, softer.

With Love Janet, Auckland, NZ

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