Transformation Magnesium


Transformation Magnesium

Transformation Magnesium
200ml Bottle (spray) Lasts approximately 2- 3 months with extensive use
Apply 4-5 times a day for best results
Magnesium Chloride
Neroli Hydrosol
Essential oil blend
Plus homoeopathic and essence combination to help with hormonal system

We have found with regular use that our whole system can be changed with just using magnesium on a very regular basis
By using our magnesium you can help so many aspects of your health – as well as hormonal health. The support products added to this products are bonuses.


Transformation can help with estrogen Dominance, insulin resistance, thyroid and adrenal health

Transformation Magnesium


Transformation Magnesium -Transdermal  – which means it is applied to the skin – Magnesium oil which is enhanced with Homeopathic and Aromatic Remedies to enhance health and wellbeing. This oil was designed with hormonal balance and weight loss in mind but we have since found it helps with many other issues. 200ml spray which lasts approximately 3-4 months.

If you have tried taking magnesium with little or no success. Then this product can be life-changing.

We recommend spraying on hands, rub together and apply anywhere on your body. with the exception of your face.

Already Supplementing?

If you are already supplementing with magnesium that’s great. However please be aware if you are low in this critical nutrient it is unlikely that you will absorb well other supplement forms. Magnesium deficiency in our body prevents the production of over 340 enzymes as well absorption of other minerals and nutrients. Deficiency causes lack of absorption and nutrient depletion which becomes a vicious cycle. 

As far as hormones are concerned

If we look at what magnesium helps. Which is a big subject that I go into a little more detail in my free booklet Download here

But as far as our hormonal system is concerned. It has a big part to play. For example

Cortisol regulation: magnesium calms your nervous system and prevents the creation of excess cortisol, the stress hormones  When your stress hormones are in balance, your levels of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, FSH and LH will be too.

Aids production of Hormones: It aids in the manufacture of steroid hormones including progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone.

Improves insulin resistance:  When we are low in Magnesium we don’t make perfect insulin. If we don’t make perfect insulin our insulin receptors don’t talk to one another. Then we create more insulin. That is what can create insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and ultimately can lead to diabetes.

Supports Thyroid: Essential for the production of some thyroid hormones

Aids Sleep:  Sleep is crucial for hormone production. Sleep is when we should enjoy a beneficial surge of anabolic hormones such as DHEA and growth hormone.

Activates Vitamin D: Yes vitamin D is a hormone.  Without enough magnesium, vitamin D cannot do its job.

It does much more but you can see why Transformation Magnesium makes such a big impact on hormone balancing


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