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Quantum Essences is a range of 24 remedies, combining the powerful properties of flora, fauna and minerals of New Zealand. These natural health remedies have been created at this time of great transformation to offer support, insight and emotional guidance.

The native bush of New Zealand is truly a unique treasure with many ancient species found nowhere else in the world.  It is this quality of purity and the powerful vibration they hold that makes these combinations perfect for this time.

Each Quantum Essence holds the medicinal property or healing quality of trees, plants and minerals and have been lovingly created with the greatest respect and highest intent.

To bring you the best results with ease and grace.

If you would like to experience the world of Quantum there are four different ways to do so.

  1. Purchase individual essences from our online shop
  2. Have a Quantum Essences consultation with one of our Qualified Master Practitioners
  3. Enjoy the experience of working through the Essences along with others on our Discovery of self, course – working your way through layers of emotional and physical blocks. We guide you through the Essences – every two weeks you will work your way through each essence. Plus a conference call where you can share what is going on with you and learn from others experiences.
  4. Join us and train to become one of our Quantum Essence Master Practitioners – This is a 6-month journey to experience the effects of all the Quantum Essences, plus be able to help others with their emotional journey.

Come and join us on this magical adventure!

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Over the last 6 years I have been formulating and perfecting a range of essences – natural health remedies – that are powerful yet simple to use. They are designed to be used by those of us who desire to help others along this wonderful journey we call life, with as little stress on the body as possible!

Last year we decided to launch these wonderful formulas to the world at large. Since then we have had many amazing stories about what has happened for people whilst they are using their Essence!

We would Love for you to experience the wonderful changes that these Essences can help you bring about in your life.

Here is a copy of an email I was sent today (07/07/16)

Hi Karen

I just thought I would let you know how things have been for me since you made up a bottle of your Quantum Essence Number 1 (Feminine) From the very first drop, I felt different, very hard to explain, but I felt more in tune with myself. I also started to draw, something I haven’t done for many years. I have found something I love and i seem to be good at. I am also finding myself drawn to pretty things like clothes, Jewellery and i am also looking at changing my hairstyle (not been changed for 20 years). Last week an old friend looked at me and said, “you look and sound different, softer” That is how I feel, softer. I can’t wait to get on to the next essence on your list Number 2 Trauma.

With Love Janet, Auckland, NZ

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If you are interested in becoming a Quantum Essences Practitioner, please fill in a short form by clicking the button below and we will contact you shortly.
I’m Interesting in Becoming a Practitioner


“Before coming to see Karen 5 years ago I had headaches that went on for fact I seldom had a day without them. I had these heads for nearly 30 years before I met Karen.After a consult with Karen, which was very quick. She made me up a remedy and after only 2 doses (I had to take it 3 times a day) I felt something lift. After only 1 week the headaches went and I haven’t had one since. Truly amazing products.”

Is This You?

Do you work with clients who need a bit of help and support? Whether you work as a Naturopath, massage therapist, mentor, coach, osteopath, etc. These essences can really help support your client while you work with them.

Are you wanting to expand your business with products that can be used along with anything else they may be taking knowing that there will be no reactions? (these are safe to use with any medications).

Have you been thinking about changing career into the field of Natural health but don’t know where to begin?


“I contacted Karen 3 years ago after I had heard how wonderful her Fast Track program was for weight loss (my Mum was on it and I had seen the amazing results). After talking to me about my health and my life. I was put on a program that Karen had adapted for me with her Quantum essences. I was doing wonderfully well and then I broke my bottle! Instead of getting in touch with Karen and ordering another one, I decided that I would use the left over bottle my Mum had. It worked but I didn’t feel nearly so good as I had on my personal one. So I ordered a new one. Once it arrived and after just one dose I felt the benefits straight away. I have been working in the field of health for many a year and I have never experienced remedies that work so quickly and make the process of “healing” so joyous!”

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If you are interested in becoming a Quantum Essences Practitioner, please fill in a short form by clicking the button below and we will contact you shortly.
I’m Interesting in Becoming a Practitioner


If you run a business or would like to earn some extra money the benefits of these essences can be the following:

  • Add on sales to other services – if you do physical therapies these essences can enhance your clients experience.
  • Improve your cash flow- by adding a remedy to your client’s bill can be a great way of earning extra cash each day. These remedies will  only take a few minutes to make and can add to your income on a regular basis.
  • By getting even better results with clients your business will expand through word of mouth.
  • If you work as a mentor or coach, these emotional supportive remedies can enhance the results hugely.
  • If you work with physical therapies you can add the essences to product you use topically to achieve great results.
  • By adding a new skill to your repertoire your clients will see that you are always upgrading your craft and they will see you as an authority.

The 24 Essences

No 1. Quantum Feminine
Keywords: Feminine, Nurturing, Creating Abundance, Self Love and Self Worth.

No 2. Quantum Trauma
Keywords: Supports Trauma, Feeling Safe. Deep Calm, Centring, Reassurance, Clear Boundaries.

No 3. Quantum Ray of Light
Keywords: Supports Stress, Letting Go, Healing Grief, Acceptance, Faith in Positive Outcomes, Composure.

No 4. Quantum Console
Keywords: Consolation, Healing Grief, Reassurance, Inner Stillness, Self Love, Separation from Source.

No 5. Quantum Protect
Keywords: Protecting, Preserving, and Setting Clear Boundaries, Independence, Endurance, Receptivity.

No. 6. Quantum Time Out
Key Words: Renewal, Be Different, Transformation, Flexibility, Acceptance.

No 7. Quantum Solutions
Keywords: Opening the Heart, Unlimited, Playfulness, Inner Freedom, and Acceptance.

No 8. Quantum Clarity
Keywords: Clear Perception, Self-Identity, and Independence, Objectivity. Integrity.

No 9. Quantum Freedom
Keywords: Expansion, Clarity, Cleansing, Vibrant, Renewal, Self Love.

No 10. Quantum Determination
Keywords: Resourcefulness, Resilience, Self Discipline, Grounding.

No 11. Quantum Self Discipline
Keywords: Protective, Strengthening, Independence, Integrity.

No 12. Quantum Transformation
Keywords: Alignment, Attunement, Balance, Rhythm.

No 13. Quantum Independence
Keywords: Self Empowerment, Trust, Strength, Vitality.

No 14. Quantum Peace of mind
Keywords: Acceptance, Composure, Centering, Calming, Resourcefulness.

No 15. Quantum Reassurance
Keywords: Gentleness, Encouragement, Self Expression.

No 16. Quantum In Touch
Keywords: Connected, Joy, Guided, Purpose, Inner Guidance, Staying Present.

No 17. Quantum Alignment
Keywords: Leadership, Confidence, Inner Strength.

No 18. Quantum Balance
Keywords: Self Reliance, Self Assurance, Goal Reaching, Self Contained.

No 19. Quantum Detox
Keywords: Vitality, Zest for Life, Freedom, Flexibility.

No 20. Quantum Wound Healer
Keywords: Acceptance, Faith, Resilience.

No 21. Quantum Heart Strengthened 
Keywords: Strength, Magnificence, Self Awareness, Self Love.

No 22. Quantum Sol & Lunar
Keywords: Connecting to Source and Being Grounded.

No 23. Quantum Acceptance
Key words: Letting Go, Beautiful, True Love

No 24. Quantum Presence
Key words: 
Connection, Integration, multidimensional, Pure Joy.   

The Practitioner Course

With this Course you will learn about the content of each essence as each of the 24 essences contain 5 -50 different ingredients which make them unique and powerful. You will learn how I have found each part of each essence and why I put them all together.

For 24 weeks you will be learning about 1 essence at a time getting a deeper and deeper knowledge of the power of plants, gems and flowers. So that you can use each essence to their fullest capacity.

During this time you will study each essence one a week.  You will work with each essence and have an in-depth knowledge of how each one is made and how to use it in a practical way.
You will do case studies and see for yourself how these essences work. Plus you can try them for yourself and feel the difference.

Plus we will have a conference call each week to discuss findings and share our experiences so that we can all learn from each other.

At the end of the course you will be a certified Quantum essence practitioner and you will be encouraged to apply to become a Fast Track System Mentor, so that you will be able to work at a deeper level with clients using the Fast Track products and programs.

Ken’s Experience

“Last year was probably the worst year of my life, I hope I never have one like it. Physically I was very sick and emotionally I was living my worst nightmare. My wife left me, my daughter refused to speak to me and I lost a couple of great mates who both died of cancer far too young. I went to see Karen as I had heard about the work she was doing and I knew I needed help. I have never been to a natural therapist before. After an in depth consultation Karen came up with a plan. Which I followed to the letter. I am so glad I did. I am healthier now than I have been for years. My emotional state is good to.  I put that down to the quantum remedy she mixed up for me. I started taking it when I was with her and I felt the anxiety lessen straight away, every time I felt stressed or anxious I took 3 sprays and each time I helped, it helped a lot! In fact I carry one with me at all times even though I haven’t needed it for a while, it is useful if work colleagues, clients or anyone else seem stressed I will get them to take it! It works.”

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If you are interested in becoming a Quantum Essences Practitioner, please fill in a short form by clicking the button below and we will contact you shortly.
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