Welcome to our shop. Here you can buy a wonderful range of natural health remedies. Our alternative medicines are created of the pristine New Zealand flora and fauna. We hope you enjoy browsing, and that you find the perfect health remedy.

Our Shop contains weight Loss programmes from 20 days Kick Start.  Up to our 80-day Transformation Package
We are also proud to be the home of Enlightened Hormones program which is only available here! This is a program that helps bring about hormonal balance (plus you can lose a bit of weight too!)

Magnesium oils

We also have our unique magnesium oils – both here in our online shop and in our Physical shop (in Paihia in the beautiful Bay of islands)
Our magnesium oils are amazing quite simply they work!
Calm – for anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia etc.
Restore – for muscles, tendons and bones
Transformation – for hormonal and weight loss.
Each of these contains Essential oils and essences to help support the body.


What else?

We also have facial oil, body oil, Quantum Essences, Feminine Gel

Just scroll through the Shop and find out more – we are passionate about bringing you the best Quality ingredients with well researched and trialled programmes and products.

Every product has been tested on us first and then we have willing volunteers to help us make sure that these products/programmes do what we believe they can.

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